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Life Tributes 2014 Release

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2014 08:50AM EDT

New features:

  • We now support custom music from iTunes. You now can use your iTunes songs as custom music on your Tribute Videos!
  • Now Life Tributes is integrated with our f1Connect platform. That means that when you create a new At Need, the deceased information will automagically show in Life Tributes, and all photos and videos will be shared in the Memorial Website. You won't have to upload pictures in both places anymore and you won't have to manually add your Tribute Video or Webcast in to the Memorial Website. This feature saves you time, and allow families and friends to have more content and engagement in the Memorial Website.

User experience improvements:

  • focus person name when opening general info step during project creation
  • improved handling connection errors to the webservice: auto-retry when safe, notify user when unsafe or when too many retries were made, create project backup before exiting, refresh login ticket when needed
  • removed broken project options text effects
  • fallback to IE if computer doesn't know how to open HTTP URIs
  • warn when creating project with same name&birth&death; new projects are saved on disk with part of the guid
  • request new ticket when billilngkeepalive fails
  • limit webcast length
  • preload web browser control on step1
  • removed brief screen flicker when launching renderer with HideWindow changes to support rendering over and existing window (browser plugin)
  • replaced time selection control up/down buttons
  • avoided showing credits deductions when buying additional project options on trial or unlimited accounts
  • added support for conditional displaying text overlays in intro/ending clips depending on another overlay text content
  • disabled column resizing in listviewcustompaint
  • save cover photo to the same file coverPhoto.jpg
  • added progress reporting during video conversion
  • added support for clickable links inside MessageBox
  • don't allow birth and death dates in the future
  • halved LT-webservice latency
  • fallback to tribute video uploads trough FTP if S3 dns resolution fails too many times

Memory handling improvements:

  • fixed Login and Step6 still not getting GCed
  • avoid keeping Login form instance in memory after login (8 MB saved)
  • fixed event handler preventing Step2 from being garbage collected
  • explicitly dispose and set to null a bunch of controls in videobackground/videointrooutro/printingcards
  • resize huge pictures added to dvd labels editor
  • fixed minor memory leak in printing editor
  • check both width and height to resize print image

Bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • user videos are converted to mp4 when added to the timeline - reduces the file size and ensures compatibility with video renderer.
  • fixed crash when opening tribute book with custom layouts
  • one spritebatch for each photoscene (to fix? or at least recover from AccessViolation)
  • disable DVD burner selection after clicking on Burn in step6
  • fixed NRE when opening printing step without a print theme selected
  • fixed NRE when closing layeredform
  • NRE in CreateMovie_XNA
  • force labels.xml regeneration if corrupt when opening editor
  • fixed crash when loading included music list if extra .mp3 files are present in the folder
  • fixed NRE in videobackground
  • fixed? config.xml locked crash at startup
  • added check and fix for "No DLLS were Found in the Waterfall Procedure" during -registerMC2012
  • handling crash for unavailable network share during cloud upload
  • fixed cloud upload progress window being on top of all other windows when closing LT
  • external links opened in IE if http protocol not registered
  • avoid negative speed when uploading tribute videos if the connection drops
  • fixed reported? crash in generated tribute video preview
  • fixed async webservice call error handling
  • made projects recovery compatible with 
  • updated renderinglib - check enumerate device result
  • ignore NRE in PrintingCardsEditor_SizeChanged
  • increase S3VideoUploadsFailures with ReceiveFailure and SendFailure WebExceptions
  • fixed pasting in Login password field while placeholder visible not removing the placeholder
  • retry receivefailure webservice webexceptions
  • fixed crash with dvd menu themes preview
  • null canvas ZoomToMax
  • fixed trim video editor stretching videos preview
  • replaced poem/text form selector title with "Choose Stylized Poem" when appropriate
  • check if f1c case has been deleted
  • removed checking for project ownership when deleting projects (stepbrowse only shows projects owned by logged in user)
  • avoid moving cloud files when deleting projects
  • avoided? crash in video renderer
  • fixed samplegrabber failing with .mp4 files that don't contain an AVC video stream
  • fixed timeline going above other popup windows
  • fixed crash in tribute book when using non standard pixel formats
  • fixed crash when opening tribute book 0 bytes timeline items are discarded
  • avoided crash seeking in instant preview immediately after preview ended
  • fixed LT not always checking for project dir or remote project existence
  • fixed closing captions editor by clicking on X not updating timeline
  • fixed crash when creating project if target file/directory is locked
  • fixed on-card editor font size with custom text dpi
  • fixed login font size with custom text dpi
  • fixed crash when poems.xml contains invalid data
  • fixed reported? crash in generated tribute video preview
  • kill video renderer when it finishes
  • fixed LTVideoRender not closing on a computer with messed up directshow
  • avoided trying to update cloudLastOpened when project is opened in read only mode
  • fixed crash with invalid email addresses when sending webcast invitations
  • avoided crash in whatsnew tour
  • prevented LT from spawning too many processes if elevation fails
  • removed checking for WMV encoder vista patch when opening webcast screens
  • ignore ThreadAbortException when generating dvd menu preview
  • avoid trying to archive projects not in local pc
  • fixed project archive allowing selection of reader drives
  • fixed reported crash when closing image editor with images with pixel formats not supported by .net
  • fixed case of timeline items getting deleted when closing LT
  • fixed incorrect video fps metadata
  • fixed typed date disappearing after picking dates in the future
  • fixed navigating away from the webcasting step
  • disable Expect100Continue Every. Single. Time. because AWSSDK keeps changing the global default
  • fixed checked effect on Disk Label button in image editor
  • changed button orders in instant preview and tribute video upload renew
  • removed "please click upload" message during tribute video upload
  • prevented users to leave the tribute burn/upload step while a burn/upload operation is in progress
  • fixed LT ignoring errors when building DVD structure minor audiojoiner improvements
  • fixed webcast password getting lost
  • fixed webcast scheduled date not being saved when closing LT, clicking on Save or changing step
  • fixed CRightButton Checked effect not getting applied
  • prevented selection rectangle to go outside the picture area in image editor
  • check number of pictures in timeline before opening instant preview
  • workaround to LT freezing when trying to import more than 3 videos
  •  -forced source and demuxer selection for some known file extensions
  • fixed general info step not saving changes when closing LT from general info step
  • disabled fade out for user video clips when they are the last items in the timeline
  • addFilter with majortype fallback to whatever pin
  • added support for user videos without audio
  • forced using CLSID_WMAsfReader when reading WMV files
  • fixed typo in tribute video upload confirmation
  • fixed crash in general info when lt account doesn't have a f1c website
  • fixed step2 objectdisposed crash
  • updated framegrabber to work with additional video formats (was failing when processing non WMV files)
  • register the framegrabber filtergraph in the ROT for debugging in graphedit


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