Keys to Success

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013 11:21PM

Thousands of client families have experienced more personalized, meaningful services thanks to our Life Tributes Software. And once you’ve seen all it can do, and how easy it is to use, we’re confident that you’ll instantly appreciate the incredible opportunities it offers to your client families, as well as to your firm.

Tribute videos are a great way for helping client families cherish the memories of their loved ones in a polished, personalized presentation. What used to require a full team of software professionals can now be done in a matter of minutes. Your clients will appreciate the professional quality you’ll have at your fingertips and your firm will enjoy state-of-the-art technology – without the hassles and high costs of film production or outsourcing. It truly takes your service to the next level. Research has demonstrated that the level of care and services you can offer directly effects client family satisfaction. So, our goal at funeralOne is to help raise your firm’s level of services by delivering true value to your client families – through our Life Tributes Video software.

The firms who have come on-board with funeralOne have achieved tremendous client satisfaction, revenue growth and competitive differentiation within their marketplace. And we’re confident we can help your funeral home, too. The following process outlines their implementation of Life Tributes software into their current level of services:

1. Owner / Managing Director Support.

Absolute commitment in supplementing your current level of service with memorial videos.

2. Goals.

Establish clear goals with a direct implementation plan. Your goals are important to your success.

3. Service / Solution Leader.

Designate one person or department as the leader for the program’s launch, its implementation and the results.

4. Process.

Define and follow a strict process to present and sell memorial video service.

5. Training.

Provide rock-solid training for memorial video creation to all personnel.

6. Tools.

Stock your organization with all the necessary documentation, guides and other essential tools to best support your client families.

7. Equipment.

Equip your offices with the right PC; high-speed, scanners; and a few other important pieces of computer-related hardware to produce Hollywood-quality memorial videos in less than an hour.

8. Reporting.

Monitoring your firm’s progress in relation to your established goals is a critical element to your success.