Best Practices

Last updated: Mar 13, 2020 07:18PM

Tribute videos are not just an incredible way for your clients to remember and honor a life lived – they also help attract families of tomorrow to your firm. Each person who attends a service at your firm and experiences a world-class tribute video will walk away thinking, “I’ve never been to a service like that”.

Our mission is to help you create a lasting impression for every single family who visits your firm. Offering Life Tributes™ videos is one of the many ways you can do this. With more than 6,000 clients worldwide, we’ve spent the last year gathering the most effective ways our most successful clients promote tribute video services directly to their client families. Learn how you too can have great success by following these tried and tested steps:

1.    Request Photos

Ask the client family to bring 25 to 30 photos of their loved one to the arrangement meeting. Be sure to mention this during your initial discussion so they can best prepare a wonderful group of photographs. Request that they include photos throughout the person’s entire lifetime and ask them to put the photographs in chronological order.
Note: If they ask why, tell them that you’d like to do “something special” for their family. Do not mention you’re making a tribute video – it’s a wonderful surprise!

2.    Gather Photos

Collect the photographs from the family when they arrive for the arrangement meeting. If they did not remember to bring photographs, remind them again and reinforce that your firm would like to do “something very special” for their family. It may be helpful to ask for a main point of contact within the family that would like to volunteer to complete this task!

3.    Create Tribute Video

Ideally, have someone at your firm scan the photos and create the tribute while the arrangement meeting is taking place.

4.    Present Tribute Video

When the video is complete, let the family know that you would like to show them “something special” and set up a private viewing of the DVD. Play the video for the family – ideally in a DVD player and not a computer. Having the DVD labeled and presented in a professional, personalized case is best.  Suggest including the tribute video DVD in ALL services so family and friends can reflect and honor their loved one’s life.

5.    A Gift from You

Explain that you make tribute videos as a benefit to them for working with your firm and that there is no charge for the service. Let them know that copies of the DVD are available for a small fee for friends and family to take home.
Note: Many firms provide tribute video packages to their client families.

6.    Share Tribute Video at Service

During their loved one’s visitation, place the tribute video order form and display ad near the television screen to let those attending know they can purchase a copy. Family and friends will cherish these videos!

7.    Distribute Tribute Videos

When you’re burning DVDs for those who requested copies, be sure to use the revolutionary Copy-Protection feature. This feature ensures that family and friends will return to your firm and establish you as the go-to person. This will also prevent any unauthorized or unlicensed use of music and video material.

8.    Upload to the Web

It’s important to upload every video you create – allowing extended viewing online. Each family that you “wow” with this amazing offering becomes a potential client of tomorrow. Families who experience the wonderful services you provide are more likely to come to your firm in the future. You will also sell more copies because people will be able to view the video anytime, anywhere and will request a copy to cherish forever.