Glossary of Terms

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013 11:21PM

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Alert Message

A message that tells you what to expect, what to do next or why you can’t select an action.

Auto Repeat

To enable the disc to continuously loop the video portion.

Background Music

The background music that plays during a tribute video.


An action that lets you look for a document, picture or other piece of data.


Embedding information onto a DVD.

Copy Protection

A feature that helps prevent DVDs from being copied.


Funeral Home Name, Home Phone and Address to display as part of a Theme.


To trim the edges to produce a smaller picture whilst keeping the same scale.

Cut and Paste

An activity that lets you delete and replace a picture, word or other piece of information. (Ctrl + C = Cut) (Ctrl + V = Paste)

Digital copy

A photo or a written document that’s been saved on the computer’s hard drive.


Transferring data such as photos, documents or other data from a website to your computer.

DVD Labels & Menu

The design used for the labels, DVD menu and DVD Box Tagline as part of a Theme.


The ending video clip that is used to end a tribute video.

Hard copy

A photo, written document or other piece of information that’s still in a physical format.


A symbol or picture that stands in for a description.

Insert Image

To browse for a picture to place directly into the current selection.

Introduction / Intro

The beginning video clip that is used to start off a tribute video.

Login or log in

A first step to enter into a program or website.


A selection of actions that let you choose what you want to do next.

Motion Effects

Adding motion to a still photograph, e.g. zooming in or pulling out to highlight a focal point or create depth and interest.

Photo Editor

A tool used to edit or change your photos.


Viewing a picture, group of pictures, or video as a checkpoint to see how it turned out.

Printing Themes

Themes you select that will be used in any printed materials you create.


Messages that tell you what to do next.


A way to save or digitize a photo or a written document onto the computer’s hard drive.

Scenic Video Backgrounds

The video clips that are placed in between photos during the tribute video.


A defined area within programs.

Smart Motion

An option that lets the program place the motion in an image. It will use face recognition technology to gather the face(s) in the picture and add motion accordingly.

Text Caption

Adding words underneath a photo.


Transferring data such as photos, documents, or pictures from your computer to a website.