Life Tributes Fall 2013 Beta Release

Last updated: May 14, 2013 02:19AM

​We’re excited to announce that the Life Tributes Fall 2013 Beta Release is now available for download, and it’s packed with tons of exciting new features and improvements.

Here are the exciting updates the Life Tributes Fall 2013 Beta Release has to offer:



  • Every Webcast you create can now be played on all browsers and devices, including phones and tablets!

  • ​The video quality for webcasts is much righer!
  • The time necessary to begin broadcasting live webcasts was reduced.
  • Life Tributes now supports PCIe and ExpressCard capture devices, so your webcasts will have better quality.

Tribute Videos

  • Cinematic intros are now played in .mpeg4 format, which means your intros will be much higher in quality and definition.  NOTE: In order to experience these higher quality intros, you’ll need click on the Themes tab once you complete your Life Tributes software update. From there, Life Tributes will ask you to update all of your intros. Please go ahead and accept the update.

  • Every tribute video you create can now be played on all browsers and devices, including phones and tablets!

  • New Timeline: our new user interface allows you to use Life Tributes Software in full screen mode.

  • Drag-n-drop image editor: quickly and easily drag and drop your images and videos directly into the timeline of your video.

  • Instant Preview: now you can preview your entire tribute video before rendering it, allowing you to make any last minute changes in just a few clicks.

  • Video Clips: add your own video clips into your tribute videos with the click of a button - you can even trim your video clips to use in your projects!

  • Video Motion: our new motion editor is now bigger, better and faster than ever. We’ve made huge improvements to the default motion (random, without cutting) and smart motion (based on improved face detection).

  • New Scenic Video Backgrounds: including Fishing, Soaring, Tree of Life and Sunscapes.

  • Spanish cinematic intros: all cinematic intros are now available in Spanish!

  • All tribute videos can now produced in widescreen (16:9) resolution.

  • Our video rendering process is now 2x faster - cutting down your video rendering time by at least 50%!


  • Undo/Redo: “undo” or “redo” any changes you make in your Life Tributes printing projects.

  • Custom Layouts: if you create a custom layout for print materials, you now have the ability to save your layouts and use them in future projects.

  • On-card text editor: easily edit text right on the print material so you can see the changes you make in real-time.

  • Tribute book image/text wrapping: our new text wrapping feature lets you insert text around images on your print materials, making it easier for you to customize the layout of your print materials for families.

  • Drag-n-drop image editor: quickly and easily drag and drop images directly onto your print materials.

  • Snap mode: once you drop items such as images and text on your print materials, Life Tributes will automatically align them on the page for you.


  • Bi-lingual user interface: this feature allows you to create projects in a language that’s independent from your user interface language. For example, you can create a spanish-language Life Tributes project with an english-language user interface, and vice versa.

  • Webcasting conversion: we’ve made some huge improvements in our webcasting conversion speed, making it faster than ever before.

  • Increased burning reliability: we’ve made some bug fixes to our software so you don’t have to worry about encountering errors when burning your Life Tributes DVDs.

  • You can now download all available themes from Life Tributes at once.

​Share Your Thoughts

We encourage you to try this new version and let us know what you think!

If you need additional help, please call our Epic Support team at (800) 798-2575 ext. 4, 24/7.

Thank you again for being a valued Life Tributes customer, we hope you enjoy the new release!