Life Tributes 2014 Release: Our Biggest Release Yet

Last updated: Jan 24, 2014 09:34PM

We’re excited to announce our biggest Life Tributes release... ever.

The new Life Tributes release brings tons of improvements and new features including the revolutionary f1Cloud Storage, a variety of stunning new cinematic intros and backgrounds, the ability to view videos on all devices, a new account management tab... and much, much more!

Keep reading to learn more about all of the amazing new features and upgrades Life Tributes 2014 Release has to offer:


Introducing the Revolutionary Life Tributes Cloud

Now anyone at your funeral home can create, edit, and share all of your Life Tributes projects on any computer, from anywhere.

f1Cloud features:

Access anywhere

Start a project at the office and have a co-worker finish it at home. The f1Cloud lets you access your account’s Life Tributes projects on any computer with the software installed.

Keep your projects safe

Never worry about losing your work. Every Life Tributes project you create is saved on our safe, secure network. Even if your computer gives up on you, the f1Cloud never will.

Infinite hard drive

Ditch the external hard drives and save storage space on your computer. All of your projects and their associated files are saved on the f1Cloud.

Easy and simple to use

Create, save, and edit Life Tributes projects as you normally would. They will automatically save to the f1Cloud and can be accessed from the “Edit Projects” screen.


New Account Management Tab

Easily manage all of your subscriptions, billing information credits and more with the new Life Tributes Account Management system.

Account Management tab features:

Easily manage your subscriptions, teams and profile

Create and manage your team members, subscriptions, profile information, password and company information associated with Life Tributes in seconds.

Automatic payments

Simply enter your preferred payment method into our system and you’ll automatically be charged for your Life Tributes subscription on a monthly basis. (NOTE: Your information will be stored in a PCI compliant, fully secured environment).

Stay on top of your payments

This new feature allows you get notified automatically when you have a past due payment. And when you do make a payment, you can now download and print all of your receipts to save for your records.

Quickly add credits to your account

By adding a payment method into our system, you can purchase additional credits without the hassle of filling in your credit card information every time!


More Life Tributes Features & Improvements


Tribute Video Updates:

  • New stunning cinematic intros: We’re excited to announce the addition of four new cinematic intros, including: Field of Flowers, Fishing, Mystical Celebration and Patriotic (Canada). To view these new stunning intros, click here.
  • Scenic video backgrounds: Enjoy a variety of new scenic video backgrounds, including: Fishing, Soaring, Tree of Life, Sunscapes, Beach Coastline Day, Country Barns, Country Bridges, Lighthouse Sunset, Sunset Lighthouse and Woods.
  • Optimized for all devices: Now every tribute video you create using Life Tributes can be played on all browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets!
  • Higher quality video: Your tribute videos will now play in widescreen (16:9), .mpeg4 format, which means they’ll have 3x higher quality and definition. (NOTE: To get higher quality intros, you’ll need click on the “Themes” tab once you complete your Life Tributes software update. From there, it will ask you to update all of your intros. Please go ahead and accept the update).
  • 2x faster video rendering process: Now you can save time by cutting your tribute video rendering process in half.
  • Full screen, drag and drop editor: Drag and drop images and videos directly into the tribute video timeline, then view and edit them in full screen mode.
  • Add your own video clips: Add your own video clips into your tribute videos with the click of a button - you can even trim your video clips to use in projects.
  • Instant preview: Preview your entire tribute video without waiting for it to render.
  • Cinemotion: New and bigger motion editor. Higher speed and quality. Huge improvements to default motion (random, without cutting) and smart motion (improved face detection).
  • Spanish version: All cinematic intros are now available in Spanish!


Printing Updates:

  • Undo/redo: “Undo” or “Redo” any changes you make on your project in a click.
  • Custom templates: Create a custom template for your printed materials, then save it for future projects.
  • On-card text editor: Easily edit text right on your print materials so you can see the changes you make in real-time.
  • Tribute book image/text wrapping: You can now insert text around images on your print materials.
  • Drag and drop image editor: Quickly and easily drag and drop images directly onto your print materials.
  • Snap mode: Once you drop images or text on your print materials, they will be automatically aligned on the page for you.

Webcasting Updates:

  • Optimized for all devices: Now every Life Tributes funeral webcast you create can be played on all browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets!
  • 3x the video quality: Your funeral webcasts will now play in widescreen (16:9), .mpeg4 format, resulting in 3x higher quality and definition.
  • 2x faster webcasting conversion: Your webcasting conversion speed will now be faster than ever before, thanks to some huge usability improvements.
  • Speedy live webcasting: We’ve improved the process of our live webcasting, which means you’ll spend less time waiting to begin broadcasting your live webcasts.
  • Now supporting capture devices: Life Tributes now supports PCIe and ExpressCard capture devices, which means you’ll see a huge increase in webcasting quality.

More General Updates:

  • Play tribute videos and webcasts on all devices: Now every Life Tributes tribute video or webcast you create can be played on all browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets!
  • Bi-lingual user interface: Create projects in a language that’s independent from your user interface language. For example, you can create a spanish-language Life Tributes project with an english-language user interface, and vice versa.
  • Increased burning reliability: We’ve made some bug fixes to our software so you don’t have to worry about encountering errors when burning your Life Tributes or Webcasting DVDs.
  • Easily download Life Tributes themes: You now have the ability to download all available themes for your tribute videos and print keepsakes all at once.
  • Discounted credits: If you purchase new Life Tributes credits in bulk, you can save up to 10%. That’s up to a $100 value!

How to Get the Life Tributes 2014 Update

When you login to Life Tributes software, you’ll be automatically prompted to install this free upgrade. Make sure to select “Yes!”


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