User can’t duplicate a project

Last updated: Mar 13, 2020 07:19PM

In order to keep your system optimized and save hard disk space, all the temporary files (including video files) for projects older than a month are automatically deleted. Thus, you’re able to fully recreate the project as it was created originally, meaning that before burning any copies of your project, you first have to let the video regenerates itself.

To regenerate your video follow these steps:

01.   On Life Tributes™ main windows go to “Edit or Duplicate Existing Life Tribute”.


02.  Select the project you want to regenerate and click on “Duplicate”.


03.  If the project is older than 30 days a pop-up will come up letting you know that the video needs to be generated.


04.  On the General Info Tab click on “Next Step”


05.  On the My Themes Tab click on “Next Step”


06.  On the DVD/VIDEO Tab click on “Next Step”


07.  The video will start generating as it regularly does.