f1Connect Settings Overview

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013 10:34PM

The SETTINGS page allows you to manage all of your locations, employees, user accounts, user groups and change your password. 

Locations is where you will manage your funeral home locations and funeral home photos that display on your facilities page. You will also manage your local churches and cemeteries here. The information is displayed in the visitation and service details section of the Memorial Website giving families maps and driving directions.

 A list of all the locations is available with the option to ‘edit’ or ‘remove’ that location. To add another location, click ‘New Location.’ 

(Location Basic Information) You will select the Type of location this is from the drop down list. You have the choice of funeral home, church or cemetery. Fill in the Name, Website, Email and Phone. Do you want this location to show on your facilities page? Select Yes or No. Your funeral home should have ‘Yes’ selected, however if it’s a local church, more than likely you will select ‘No.’ Keep in mind the map and driving directions still generate for your families. 

(Location Address) Be sure to fill in this information accurately as this is what the map and driving directions generate from. 

(Location Photos) To upload photos of your funeral home, click ‘New Photo’ and select the file from your computer. It will ask you to crop the picture. Once you like it, click ‘Apply.’ You always have the option to Set as Default, this means that picture will load first or be the first one your families see when they visit your facilities page on the website. You will also see Remove, which will delete that picture. Once all of your pictures have been uploaded, you can click and drag them in the order you want them to appear. Only upload photos of your funeral home. All other locations will more than likely not be displayed on your website so no need to add pictures. No one will see them.

Employees Click ‘New Employee’ to add a staff member. ‘Change’ will let you upload a photo of the person then fill in the Name, Job Title, Gender and Bio of your employee. Click ‘Submit’ to save.

When viewing the Employee list, you will want to order them the way you would like them to appear on your staff page. You can click and drag the names around on the list. For example the owner you may want at the top, so click and drag their name to the top of the list and so on. 

User Accounts is where you will create a user account for your employees. Click ‘New User’

(User Accounts) You will enter the email address, which will also be their Username, create a password then confirm the Password. If you have more than one location, you can also select the location you would like this employee to have access to. 

(Permissions) is where you select what you would like this employee to have access to. There are already pre-defined groups, which you can select from or you can customize each user’s security level. Be sure once again that you scroll down and click ‘submit’ to save this user in the system. 

User Groups helps you create your own user group rather than using one of our pre-defined ones. Click ‘New Group.’ Assign the Group a name. For example you may use clerical. Then check the boxes according to what you would like them allowed or denied access to. This group now becomes a selection for you to use again.   

Change Password Type your old password, the new password of your choice and confirm the new password.  Be sure to click Submit and remember your new password for the next time you log in.