f1Connect Website Overview

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013 10:34PM

The WEBSITE page is where you will edit the content of the website, enable or disable pages, update settings such as your logo, phone and main email address. You can also change the look of the website by switching layout styles to accommodate the funeral home colors or your local area. You can retrieve any forms that were previously submitted and manage your community events.


Website Editor Once you select the Editor, you will see at left the sections and pages throughout your website. Click the ‘+’ to expand each section and view the subpages. To make changes to the content, be sure to click on the page you would like to update. You have the ability to update the text and photos. You can also add additional pages and sections, by highlighting the page above, then click add page. For example we will add a ‘Pet Memorials’ page. Highlight the Pet Services page then click ‘Add Page.’ Type ‘Pet Memorials’ in the Name field and add the content you would like to the page. Be sure to also click ‘Submit’ at the very bottom. This assures you that your work has been saved.

This will work very similar if you would like to add a new section.


Setup will let you enable or disable pages throughout your website. This gives you the freedom to turn a page off, but be able to turn the page back on in the future. For example if you are not offering Pet Services, uncheck the box, which will give you a confirmation then be sure once again to scroll to the bottom and click ‘Submit’ saving your change. You will no longer have a Pet Services page the public can see.



(Website Settings) is where you can update or change your logo, phone, fax and email address for the Home Page. 


(Tools Settings) You can add the link to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts here. This will also appear on the Home page of your website.


(Advanced Settings) If you are not currently offering webcasting, tribute videos or personalized printing, you can disable the services throughout your website by checking the appropriate boxes.


Layout Select your layout here. Click on the desired layout and scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’ ensuring you saved your new choice. If you have your website already open you may need to refresh the website to see the new look!


Form Submissions is where you can retrieve any forms that were previously submitted through your website. It allows you to narrow down your search by type of form and date submitted. You can view or print the form from this page as well.


Events is where you can enter your funeral home or community events that appear on the Home page of the website. It gives you the search option to edit or remove an event that has already been entered. To add a New Event, click the ‘New Event’ link. You can add a title, details and select the start date and time and end date and time. You can also attach a file, such as a flyer. You can even upload a photo. Maybe there is local BBQ and you have a photo from last year’s event with Billy Bob cooking at the grill. This adds a bit of a nice touch! Or a Candle Remembrance Service and you have photos of the glowing candles from last year’s service. Show them off!


Confirmation Messages These messages are automatically emailed to anyone who submits a form through your website. You can create a personalized message for each form or create a generic response. For example when someone fills out a Contact Form, they automatically receive an email with the message you have saved under that particular form.