f1Connect At Need Overview

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013 10:34PM

At Need

The AT NEED page is where you will enter the At Need’s information. Once you enter the information it creates a Memorial Website for your client family’s loved one. The Memorial Website is for families to honor and preserve their loved one’s memory for years to come. It is very interactive and can help the healing process. The Memorial Website includes a tribute wall with options to add guest book entries or wall postings, share gifts and light candles. The obituary, visitation schedule, service details and locations are also included in the Memorial Website. Each location has map, driving directions and even the local weather to better serve your families. Photos and videos can be uploaded giving people from all over the opportunity to share their fondest memories of their loved-ones. There is even a Family Tree that can be created on each Memorial Website with photos, history and map. Family or friends can subscribe to be notified of a new post added to their loved-one’s tribute.


List At Need

This allows you to manage the list of At Needs your funeral home has entered on the website. You can click on the individual names to edit any information. This is also where you would remove an At Need from the website.


Create At Need

(Basic Information)To enter an At Need and create the Memorial Website, click the Create link or Create At Need button. Start with the Basic Information. To upload a photo of the deceased, click “Change Photo” and select the photo you wish to use.  Enter the first, middle and last name. The display name will allow you to add a nickname. This is how the name will display on the Memorial Website. Enter the DOB and DOD.


If you select to Renew this tribute forever on behalf of the family, the funeral home will be charged.


The amount to preserve the Memorial Website on-line forever is $260.00. Every At Need entered or Memorial Website created has an automatic post on their tribute wall that a contribution of $65 has been made by your funeral home. It implies your funeral home has donated the amount and will display on EVERY ONE of the At Needs. The remaining balance of $195 can be donated all at once or small donations can accumulate to reach the full amount.


(Obituary & Service Information) The Obituary can be typed in or copied and pasted into the box to save you a bit of time. Visitations you schedule by selecting the date, beginning time and ending time along with location. It saves by clicking ADD. You can then enter additional visitation times or move on to Services. Select the service date, time and location and click ADD. Then select the Cemetery.


If you need to add a location, click the Add Location link.

Type would be funeral home, church or cemetery. Fill in the location’s name. Select whether or not you would like this location to display on your facilities page of the Website. If you do not own or manage the location, I would recommend selecting NO. It will still include map and driving directions as long as you complete the Address, City, State and Country. Once you click Submit, this location is now stored in the database so you do not have to enter it again. 


(Photos & Videos)To upload photos to the At Need’s Memorial Website, Click New Album. You can name the album then choose upload to select the desired pictures. You can create more than one album and there is no limit to the amount of photos used.

(Family Administrators) The Approval Type allows you to have all posts automatically go onto the tribute wall or they can be approved first by an Administrator. This is for the particular At Need you are entering. The Tribute Visibility can be Public, meaning everyone who views your website will have access to this person’s Memorial Website including their obituary and visitation & service details. If Private is selected, the Memorial Website will require a log-in. You can give approval permission to a member of the client family by entering their email address in the Administrator field and click ‘Add’. They now will have access to approve all posts.


(Life Tributes Software) When using the Life tributes Software, you can upload the recorded webcast or upload the tribute video. When uploaded, it will give you an ID number that can be placed in this section and it will then play on the deceased Memorial Website. There is also allowance for an external video link.



(User Profile) This allows you to set your funeral home User Profile. This picture and text display on every At Need’s Memorial Website stating you have donated $65 to keep the tribute on-line. You can click ‘Change; to upload a different photo. (Some funeral homes choose to use their logo, a picture of their sign with flowers or anything that may make this unique)


(Tribute Settings) This allows you to set the entire website for posts. If you would like to have the posts automatically go onto your website without needing approval, mark ‘Automatic.’ If you prefer to approval all posts, mark ‘By Admin.’


For Tribute Visibility if this is marked ‘Public,’ which I recommend, everyone has access to ALL Memorial Websites. If this is marked ‘Private,’ anyone visiting a Memorial Website through your funeral home site WILL require login information.


The Tribute Location will only apply if you have more than one funeral home location, you can choose if you would like to display which location is serving the family by selecting ‘Display’ or ‘Hidden.’


Obituary Notification

You can enter an email address of anyone in the community who would like to be notified of a death call. Click ‘New Obituary Notification Subscriber’ and this will allow you to enter a name and email address. This person will then receive an email whenever you enter an At Need. It will also include the link to the Memorial Website so they may post an entry.