f1Connect Dashboard Overview

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013 10:34PM

This is an overview on how to maintain your new funeralOne website through the One Unified Management System. Giving you the tools to get the best results out of your website and giving your families a way to cherish their loved one for many years to come. So let’s get started…


The DASHBOARD page contains important information and MUST be managed.


(My Approvals) This is where you will approve the Wall entries also known as guestbook entries, the photos and videos that have been added. By clicking view you can see the entire entry, if appropriate to post to the tribute wall, simply check the box and click the approve link. You can also assign approval permission to a member of the client family by adding their email address when entering the At Need information.


(Today’s Visitations) This section tells you what time your visitations and services take place that day along with the location. It’s an automatic feature that populates according to what is entered in the At Need Section.


(Form Submissions) This section is where you must check to see if any pre-planning or contact forms were submitted through your website. You have the option, not only to view them, but also to print the form. Once you check the box next to the desired form and click the Read link, a confirmation window will appear making sure you have acknowledged the form. It will then be removed from this section on the Dashboard page. However, you can still retrieve any or all forms from the Website Page under Form Submissions.


(Activities Stats) This will allow you to see the activity taking place on the tribute walls. You can search by the At Need’s name and look at the number or comments added, the number of gifts added, the number of candles lit, the number of pictures and videos added and the number of people adding to the family tree. By clicking view it will show you more details.


(Life Tributes Usage) Here it shows the projects created by your funeral home with our Life Tributes Software Package. If you currently do not have Life Tributes, please call funeralOne right away to get started. It will only continue to improve your experience as our client and offer great services to your families. The software will help you create professional videos with the ability to upload them to the memorial website, amazing print material, such as memorial folders, thank you cards, prayer cards, bookmarks and much more and also live or delayed webcasting. Everything is theme- based and done in house by you!


**(Add Stats Here)


Manage Dashboard – By managing your dashboard you are customizing the page to fit your needs. You can re-arrange the sections and the order they are listed as well as collapsing or expanding each section depending on what you would like to view at a quick glance.


System Messages – These are messages from funeralOne, letting our clients know of any new updates rolling out.