What is a Private Tribute?

Last updated: Jun 23, 2020 03:08PM

What is a Private Tribute?

In some cases, a family may be worried they will get negative condolences from the public, a member of the public will come to the funeral and cause some extra stress in their time of grieving, or maybe they are just a little nervous about any of their family's info being available to the public.


In cases like these, we've developed a solution so that only the funeral director and trusted members of the family will be able to find the tribute online - private tributes. These private tributes will only be available to those who have a secret link given to them specifically to access the tribute page. Even if a member of the public discovers this secret link, they will need to ask the funeral home and/or designated family for permission to see any details or interact with the tribute wall.


Those privileged to see the details of the tribute will be able to see the obituary, view service times and dates, leave condolences, add photos, buy flowers and all of those things you would expect on a normal tribute except that any additions will also need to be approved by the funeral director and/or designated family before it will appear to the public.


We know that a family's support and positive, uplifting comments can encourage and begin the process of healing after a loss and so we find it very important each family has a place to connect with one another online in a safe environment. If you believe a Private Tribute would be helpful to one of your families, read on below to see a step-by-step of how to set it up.