What do I need for Webcasting?

Last updated: Jun 30, 2021 04:12AM

You’ll need a camera, a computer with Life Tributes Personalization Software installed, and a way to connect the camera to the computer.   For live Webcasts, you will also need an internet connection with at least 256 Kbps (.25 Mbps) upload speed. (Tip: To determine your upload speed and recommended video quality, check out this helpful article, “What internet connection do I need to stream live Webcasts?” )   Camera:
  • Life Tributes Webcasting is compatible with any camera.
  • Webcams can also be used, but consider the following to determine if using a webcam is the right solution for you:
    • Webcams may not offer the zoom level you need for an impactful webcast.
    • It may be impractical (or impossible depending on your setup) to place the webcam close enough to connect to your computer (USB cables have a limit of about 16 feet - 5 meters).
  • Power: Webcasting is a CPU intensive activity, so you should have a computer that is powerful enough to handle it. Any quad-core PC from 2012 or better should work.
  • Computer Type: Notebook and desktop computers are both supported.
    • Notebooks are more portable, and desktop computers give more options on how to connect the camera to the computer.
    • If you are using a notebook, ensure it is plugged in to a charger while webcasting.
  • Internet Connection: For best results, the computer should be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, but if your Wi-Fi is stable (doesn’t drop and doesn’t lose packets) you should not have issues with it as well.
  How To Connect the Camera to the Computer:
  • Webcams: If you are using a webcam then you should be all set: just plug the webcam into the computer with the included USB cable.
  • Other Cameras: you will need a capture device.
    • If your camera offers HDMI output you can use an HDMI capture device:
    • If your camera offers AV output you can use a Composite capture device:
    • If your camera offers both HDMI and AV output you can choose either one.
      • HDMI will give you the best picture quality but its capture devices are more expensive.
      • AV output is much less expensive but offers a lower picture quality (blurrier picture and less vibrant colors).
    • If your camera is a network camera you'll need a virtual capture device:
      • Install the NDI® Tools for Windows if your camera is part of a NDI camera system. NOTE: we have received mixed reports on Life Tributes compatibility with the NDI system for live streaming.
      • For other IP cameras you can install SplitCam, add your RTSP or MJPEG camera there, and select SplitCam as the video source inside Life Tributes.
  Audio Considerations: Audio will automatically record from the camera, but it may be suboptimal depending on the size of the room and its acoustics.   If you desire high-quality audio, we recommend contacting an Audio & Video installer specialist, who will be able to recommend the best equipment for your specific needs, and set it up for you. We recommend Advanced Audio Systems.